Certified Backflow Tester – How to Maintain a Clean and Safe Water Supply

You need to trust that the water from your home is safe for drinking and every day use, which is why your backflow device needs to be tested annually. If there is a change in the water pressure in the supply due to a pipe freeze or burst, contaminated water from another source such as the ground can get into the clean water supply.  This is called backsiphonage. Specific backflow prevention devices are required by law for each water supply source and need to be checked annually to ensure that the parts have not been worn out or broken.

A certified backflow tester is a professional who has extensive knowledge of plumbing and how to properly check backflow devices. This person will know the proper equipment that is necessary to keep your drinking water safe for use. They will install the device, and come back annually to check and make sure that the part has not been worn out or if there is a problem with it. There is a class that needs to be accomplished before certification is granted, and the classes are available in several states. It is illegal to perform backflow testing activities

Generally, companies that specialize in several plumbing services have their employees trained in knowing not just about plumbing, but also about backflow devices. There are also companies that are specific to just providing backflow services. In either case, these companies want to be sure that they have a knowledgeable staff that will be able to provide their clients with all of the information needed to make informed decisions regarding the safety of their water supply.

The health and safety of your family is contingent upon a clean water supply.  Having a certified backflow professional to test your backflow and water supply annually is a step to prevent harmful and contaminated water from entering your home and harming your family.

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